Acting Classes

Explore. Discover. Experience. Express.

For 25 years, Diana Castle’s The Imagined Life: Acting as the Art of the Empathetic Imagination, has accessed and activated the potential of the human being called "actor", through imagination, empathy and the transformative power of story.

Classes at The Imagined Life are vibrantly creative environments devoted to encouraging and inspiring the transformative exploration, discovery, experience and expression of your natural empathetic imagination.

Classes are comprised of students of mixed "levels of experience" to reflect the reality of the professional work place.

Classes are by invitation only.

Auditing is not permitted.

All classes are held at The Imagined Life theater/studio located on 5615 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019 and online via Zoom.

Private coaching is available at the studio as well as via Zoom and on location.

You do not need to be a member of the studio, currently in class, nor do you need to have taken the introductory workshop in order to coach for auditions and/or ongoing projects.

To book coaching and for fees, please call (323) 645-7288.