From Students and Industry Experts

Diana Castle has a unique approach to the craft of acting and the result of her teaching is always reliable. She is a trusted name in the acting community.

Meg Liberman, CSA Senior VP Casting, CBS

I cannot say enough about Diana Castle's talent and generosity of spirit. She conveys vulnerability and wisdom helping others to do the tough work to grow as artists and human beings. Whenever I hire one of Diana Castle's students, I am impressed by their ability to tap into the truth and humor of the character they are playing. She is truly one of the best acting teachers/coaches working today.

Elizabeth Boykewich, CSA-VP of Talent and Casting, ABC Family

Diana Castle is a phenomenal teacher. I recommend her to all my clients, and when studying with her, the quality of their work directly reflects on her incredible skills.

Julie Colbert, Talent Agent, William Morris Endeavor Agency

Diana Castle is an integral part of the success of my business. Working with her has been a rewarding and successful experience. She gives my clients the tools to go in the room and get the job.

Dana Sims, Agent, ICM

Diana allows the actor to create and have ownership of the work that they present, therefore it enables them to live less in fear and more in the moment.

Christian Kaplan, CSA Senior VP of Feature Casting, 20th Century Fox

Diana Castle is not just a teacher, she is a guide; leading you down the path toward discovering, and accepting, your own humanity. Diana, and what she teaches, has reminded me not only of the joy to be found in this profession, but also, the great importance of what we do. To be an actor is to be a storyteller ... and storytelling is not merely a human act but more profoundly, it is an act of humanity.

David Meunier, Actor

Diana's classes have become a resource of actors for me.

Deran Serafian, Director/Producer

It is always a thrill to work with actors from Diana Castle's class. Their versatility and disciplined approach to the work is consistently impressive and a direct result of her teaching.

Danny Cannon, Director/Executive Producer

The greatest gift I've given to myself as a person and as an actor is Diana Castle's class. I've never known a teacher who communicates the DNA of the craft so eloquently. She is the pipeline to the heart of this vocation, and she has brought my creative life into technicolor.

Sherri Saum, Actress

I would never attend one of Diana's classes without a notebook. Her many lessons are an inspiration. She is a gifted teacher and coach.

Tony Hale, Actor

Working with Diana is a divine lesson on acting and on life. She not only inspires the fun in the art, but in the process you also become a better person.

Common, Actor/Musician, Academy Award and Golden Globe Award Winner

I recommend Diana Castle to anyone who is serious about acting. Her approach is deeply reliable. She teaches something you can trust for the rest of your life.

Irene Cagen, CSA (now deceased, Irene was a source of profound inspiration to all who knew her. I miss you Irene.)

I have been working with Diana with clients at all levels for several years. Every client has felt that she has changed their life.

Sara Ramaker, Manager

How to put into words the impact Diana Castle’s teachings have had on my work as a teacher and as an actress? It’s all I know now. All else that I have learned from anyone else no longer applies. She inspires everyone she teaches.

Annie Grindlay, Teacher

Diana has a healthy and grounded approach to 'the work.' If I see an actor who really wants to do the work, I know I can send them to Diana and that it is safe and ethical.

Kathleen Quinlan, Actress/Academy Award Nominee

Diana Castle has a magic wand. She picks out your core strength and enables you to zero in on that which makes you unique and special. Hers is an inspirational approach.

Jennifer Siebel Newsom, Actress/Producer (Miss Representation)

Diana's class is a transformational journey of the soul where actors create, play and blossom in a productive and nurturing environment.

Jaime Ferrar, Agent, Jaime Ferrar Agency

There are not many times in your life that you get to see true greatness at work. I have had the opportunity to watch Diana not just teach but transform actors into artists. She inspires, motivates and creates atmospheric safety so the actor is free to take great risks with both passion, commitment and the ability to attack any piece of material with total ease. Diana is the only one I send my clients to.

Barbara Stark, Talent Manager

Diana has inspired me to take steps that have made me a better actor, a better artist and a better human being. Her depth of knowledge and passion for the art has inspired me to use my imagination in ways I never knew were possible.

J. August Richards, Actor

Diana Castle's teaching is infused with her prodigious talent and experience as an actress, and she has that rare quality of inspiring her students to expand their understanding and performance, finding gifts that otherwise might have been missed.

Steven Phillip Smith, TV Writer/Producer

Diana goes straight for the heart. She's razor focused and devoted to good work which inspired me to be completely raw in front of her and honest in my responses.

Moon Bloodgood, Actress

Diana's methods are practical, effective, inspiring, and transformative for not only actors but for all artists seeking to deepen their creative process and take their art and careers to the next level. I've never seen another teacher make the impact on their student's work and lives as Diana does. She is one of a kind and should be the first and last stop for artists seeking a coach and mentor.

Tara Smith, Broadway Producer, Tony Nominee

Diana is real, she is passionate and she is brilliant. Today I consider her a real friend.

Wynonna Judd, Singer

Working with Diana is consistently inspiring. She encourages individual expression while finding deeper meaning in your work and your world. She's a gifted teacher!

Danny Pudi, Actor

I taught a workshop with Diana Castle and was amazed at her clarity as a teacher. She made the process so understandable. I highly recommend her.

Jackie Burch, Casting Director

The Magic of Diana Castle's brilliant teachings has opened a floodgate of creativity in my life I never imagined possible.

Kim Wayans, Actress (NAACP Image Award Nominee for PARIAH)

Diana has a unique ability to understand the artistic essence in an actor and to help that actor harvest it for his/her work.

Hannah Roth, Agent, Don Buchwald & Associates